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4. Once a posting has been submitted, whether approved already or pending approval from site administers, the posting has left the possession of the submitter and submitter gives explicit permissions to ExposeHomewreckers.com for the use of the submission for use within the site as the site chooses. This includes, but is not limited to, the creation of a Report, testimonials, paraphrases within articles written by content writers for the website, advertisements for the site.

6. The original submitter does have the right to respond to comments made by additional parties. If the site operators discover that the original submitter has posted comments below the Report under different aliases, the site administrators reserve the rights to take one of the following actions. a.) Remove the comment altogether. b.) Change the “name” of the comment author to match the “name” of the original submitter. c.) Place an {ADMIN COMMENT} within said comment notifying other users and readers that the stated comment is written by the original author.

7. Furthermore, ExposeHomewreckers.com reserves the right to make changes to this policy and other policies within the site without notification. Any submission, whether it be a comment, question, or answer, accepts this policy and or any updates/changes to this policy and future policies implemented by ExposeHomewreckers.com.

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