Taylor Nicole Trahan – Gales Ferry, Connecticut

This shameless no soul having slut works at a coffee doughnut shop and burger restaurant in Gales Ferry, a bar in Norwich and another bar in Baltic Connecticut. All great places to work with her tits out and have "innocent" conversations with tons of men. So when she see's a hot guy with a wedding ring why does she turn on her Slut charm a like extra? No clue. She seeks out the guys looking down and out and plays the friend card and the "you deserve better" convo when she weasels her way into his fb messages. Asks for help with her car or at her apartment. Then starts the vagina and boob pics then comes the help me at my apartment and she fucks them. Oh not just 1 married man, no no no! 3 married guys, all having marital issues during the same time period and also held down 2 boyfriends! This Skank plays the game then when the married guy says he wants out and to work on his marriage she flips out and says she'll black mail them! Wtf?! If you and your husband are struggling and thinking about rekindling some romance on a date? Don't go to Bakers Dozen, Triple B's burgers, Pistol Pete's or Stonehouse bar and grill. She senses the struggling man and will for sure throw her STD sharing ass at him. 

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