Tara Leigh Goff – Lexington, North Carolina

Meet Tara Leigh Goff. Tara enjoys preying the vulnerable  side of a man's masculinity. Her choice of men however is that of another woman's husband. She convinces him that she is such a vulnerable, poor little victim in need of protection; she entices the masculine ego to put him into the role of protector and knight in shining armor.
This whore successful worked her narcissistic charm on my husband and together they convinced me to become her friend although I did not know about them until 2 weeks ago. She preyed on my children and grandchildren trying to convince them through her actions that she would be better in their lives than me. She tried with all her might to take my place…she failed. 
I will admit, my husband is just as much to blame for this sick situation and for their adultery, but this woman went as far as interfering with children's' lives. To befriend me and my children & grandchildren after sleeping with my husband…this is one very sick narcissist. 
This monsterous, narcissistic lazy fat whore along with my husband lied to me for six years and when I finally had enough information through my suspicions to confront them. They both continued to lie even more. Although my husband eventually came clean, she still denied the extent of their relationship. Upon my continuous pressure, she once again tried to play a victim claiming that my need for the truth was causing her anxiety and she just couldn't talk about it anymore. Poor narcissistic homewrecker. 

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