Skyler John Talbot – Kuna, Idaho

Sweet Skyler John Talbot… you wrecked your own home. Immature, selfish, manipulating child. Could not be more ok with mentally abusing someone to the point they constantly question their worth. Was more than happy to ruin my life, come home and immediately blame any issues in our life on me. Closet alcoholic who gets joy out of making a girl feel like a worthless pos.  Never pretty enough and always need to change yourself. Is back at it with church to become LDS active once again to disguise his issues. Been engaged twice, two different girls and both times broken it off because NO ONE  is good enough for this piece of shit. Is more than happy to explain how a woman is meant to be at home rake care of the house, cook and please her man. I highly suggest you stay away from him.  Oh yes and that’s him in a thong.  As I said before sick motherfucker. 

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