Shannon Marie Meza – Nampa, Idaho

Shannon Marie Meza is a very mentally challenged woman living in Nampa, Idabo. She seems to have multiple personalities or atleast thats how it seems with her dozen Faceboom profiles all with different names that include the names of the men she contacts in the Ixaho prisons. Shes had over 15 within 2 years amd proudly post their pictures and names and hwr intemse love for them. She did this to my husband. She is a stalker and cyberstalker not to mention thief. I dont hate this woman because shes definately fucked up im her head and shpuldnt be raising her daughter especially since theres so many prisoners in and out of her life including her lateat a notorious ganv member nust release from IDOC last week and the daughtwrs already calling him DADDY?!?! Anyway watch for her because she will stwal your identity but can never land a man lol Shannon Marie Meza your a real piece of shit and ypu will get whats comimg to you.

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