Sandra C. Oliveira fka Sandra C. Acabou – Hillside/Newark/Clark, New Jersey

This woman has been having an affair with a married man for years. She knew full well this man was married with two young children. She was also married herself until the extent of the affair was discovered. It is very concerning to see someone with such little regard not only for another marriage and family, but to also disrespect her own husband to this magnitude. This affair has been going on for years, causing more and more devastation and now, ripping a family apart. She comes across very caring and sweet, but her actions speak for themselves. She clearly lacks any morals, values and integrity. Yes, the married man is equally responsible for this affair, however, her involvement in such a devastating and heartbreaking situation is something that should not be minimized. She is clearly very selfish and does not seem to care how much her actions have hurt other human beings, especially these two beautiful young children. Shame on her for being too self-involved and selfish to not care about destroying other people’s lives.

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