Samantha Doman – Nelson, British Columbia

I worked with these two gross humans from around 2015 to 2019. Samantha Doman ended up cheating on her husband with our co-worker Ryan Bobby (in picture) at Nelson Safeway in BC Canada summer. She then moved out of her house to justify the cheating and to continue it further while her husband waited faithfully for her to come home from her so called break. As a former friend of them, I was shocked about her whoring around with a few other guys around our town too. She used to tell me about her fantasies about male Co workers, and I was shocked she actually turned out to be a gross whore with no morals or values. I tried to help her, but she took advantage of my living situation and I could not see her go on and destroy her family and herself. It was so sad to see this happen. Such a nasty ungrateful slutty whore. She ended up crawling back to her husband. It made me and many of us sad to see her husband put up with her lies and betrayal. 

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