Michelle Lauren Hill – Santa Cruz, California

I am working with the many women who are victims of this hospital pharmacist. Who knew that a boring pill pusher could seduce so many wealthy, married men with children. This bitch has been cheating on her own husband for the last ten years. She had no children and she's very unhappy in her marriage. She had ruined at least two marriages by cheating with co- workers and broken up at least one family and wounded another. This woman had no shame. As a group, we have gotten the word out to other doctor's wives. She also targets older wealthy men in the Monterey and Carmel area. She has recently moved to the Santa Cruz area, but still works in Salinas. Makes sense that she would move to a trashy place with other wealthy trashy people. Good riddance and stay away from families Michelle! You thought that you were being discreet, but everybody knew what and who you were doing! If you have been burned by this pharmacist, please report her on this site! 

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