Meranda “Sloppy Hoe” Krause – Bradleyville Mo, Missouri

Served with plenty of rolls! Loves her meat marinated in my special sauce!  

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  • Weird looking bitch.

  • She’s nothing but a whore.

  • She’s nasty. She don’t care.

  • That’s fucked up. You are so much better than her. You’re beautiful, honest and would do anything for anyone. Don’t let a girl like that bring you down. That’s what she wants. She’s jealous as fuck.

  • your beautiful,sloppy hoes jealous and wants to drag you down.

  • Lovesthemarinade

    She must love how you taste. Soon as he pulls it out shes chasing it around desperatly. Shes a disgusting bitch. You’re probably the best thing shes ever tasted. Shes desperate and pathetic. Follows him around.

  • Looks like shes hoarding nut in those cheeks. Lol

  • I agree with everyone. Look at her. She’s just a jealous bar hoe. She will go home with anyone. Doubt she asks if they just pulled it out of someone else. She doesnt care. Pathetic attention whore. Everyone knows.

  • Youarebeautiful❤ignoreawhore

    Sweetie, you are a hell of a lot better looking that that bitch. You’re successful. You’ve got it made in life. Leave the trash on the ground and keep doing good for yourself. Don’t worry about some ugly jealous bitch. She just wants to hurt you because she knows you’re better.

  • lmao! she is a piece of shit. She’s always pulling some shit like this. Bar whore. She’ll fuck anything.

  • Willing to share dick. Thats it. Suck ya off and send ya home to your wife or girlfriend. Bitch is chugging the marinade of more than one. Just a really stupid girl. Or what most people call a whore.

  • Oh my God! That is so fucking nasty. Hard to believe there are girls that are really that nasty. Makes me sick thinking about it. I cant imagine sucking some guy off that just fucked another woman. Lmao im amazed by this one.

  • Theres a song about that bitch. schloppy hoes, schloppy schloppy hoes.

  • Dinner is served! trya mya meat ball served in a lighta creamy sauce.

  • Her fake relationship status and all of these sneaky things she is doing is a manipulation tactic psychopaths use to gain control of someone. Called gas lighting or crazy making. You were right. She is a toxic snake.

  • I wouldn’t fuck that with my worst enemies dick. dog ugly and trashy.

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