Marsha Garcia – Lake Mary, Florida, Florida

Getting involved with Marsha Garcia is opening yourself up to one hell of a low life.  This chick has no decency, no morals and worst yet, no conscience.  Marsha is out for number one and never seems to get anyway because she is such a nasty two bit hussler who usually gets exposed for who she is on the inside.  Marsha will life, cheat and steal all day long if she thinks it will get her anywhere.  Anyone that has known her is completely disgusted with this bitch.  She has had way too many sticks in her mouth trying to get her grubby fat hands on some money its downright ridiculous.  Marsha is a complete loser and alot of dead weigh for any dude to be carrying.  She will do you wrong, thats a guarantee.  Dont turn you back on her, she is always looking for any oppotunity to take you.  She is pure scum and nobody would tell you otherwise.

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