Marsha Garcia – Lake Mary, Florida, Florida

Marsha Garcia (1/8/1980) is one slutty home wrecking sorry piece of ass who not only has been home wrecking marriages by going after married men but truthfully wrecking the homes of every dude she has ever been with including the one who was dumb enough to marry her way back and who she left all her children to be raised by him while she runs the bars and gives out head all around town, llike she has forgotten she has become along the way a fat ugly hog jowled middle aged slut, on top of being a total deadbeat.  You wont see Marsha holding down any job because she has been brought up on charges for stealing from her employers, insurance fraud, and numerous shoplifting and drug charges.  Marsha loves to abuse prescription meds.  She lies so much the truth just escapes her any more because she doesnt have an honest bone in her body.  Listen up guys, this slut is only looking for one thing, a mean ticket, and she works hard to get guys to pay her way so she can continue doing absolutely nothing for herself.  She will milk you like nobody's business, and everything she puts out is a lie to lure you in.  Run while you can, because her track record speaks for itself.  She has burned everyone in her path.

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