Marie Coale – Landover Hills, Maryland

Marie Coale uneducated trashy whore that works at Red Robin desperate for a man had sex with my husband.  She picked him up during her shift pretending to be a Washington Caps fan and throwing herself at him wanted sex because she was a huge fat pig and lost some weight.  She got drunk with him and knowing he was married and fucked him anyway.  She looks for guys that are taken and gets them drunk so she can feel wanted.  Desperate slut wants a boyfriend so bad she will do whatever is necessary to get a man to fuck her.  My husband said her cunt was smelly and stretched out and she talks like a truck driver.  She looks manly and wants guys she’s fucking to call her Clementine.  Get tested this girl is garbage and doesn’t care about STDs or who she hurts in the process.  

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