Maranda Mae McDaniel Love – Shawnee and Apache area, Oklahoma

Maranda was married to my friend. They have 1 daughter together who was 2 years old and she has an 8 year old daughter from a one night stand. While she was married to my buddy she started fucking a married man Micah Love from Rush Springs OK. He has 3 daughters with his wife Lezlie. He's been having multiple affairs even just before getting with Maranda. While they had their affair they exchanged messages.. pictures and videos. They wanted to get pregnant while they were both married. They tried and succeeded. These are 2 of the most dishonest and disloyal people I have ever heard of in my life. Maranda attacked my buddy in an attempt to destory all the evidence of her affair knowing he wanted a divorce filed under infidelity. She was arrested for a domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor. She used their 2 year old as a shield to prevent him from leaving their bathroom.. trapping him inside for more than 10 mins. She tackled him and hit him twisted his neck and threw the hard drive with all the evidence against the wall when he ran away to escape the residence. She's absolutely crazy as shit. She only cares about herself. She left her children in Oklahoma and went to Texas to fuck the married man Micah in his truck.. yeah a trucker. Parking lot lizards. Barf. Micah loves to jerk his own cock off into his own face.. seen the video.. wtf.. Maranda is a whore who will do anything for her own gain. They constantly send Micah's wife pictures and texts using the TextNow app always changing the number. These two cum sluts deserve each other. They need to leave others alone. But whatever you do watch the fuck out these two cunts are out looking for your wife or husband. It's all a game to them. Maranda has tons of family in the Apache area and a sister named Melissa. She's just as bad. Always cheating on her husband in secret. THe sisters love showing their sex photos to each other watch out for the incest!! 

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