Luthfia Sayed Ismail – Durban, South Africa

This woman is a liar, abuser, uses individuals financially and a homewrecker, she uses a person who is most vulnerable to get into there lives, especially married men. Pleads for help saying her husband/ex husband (who knows) abuses her(it seems as though they work together for financial gain) , when she is running away from other women, as she is having an affair with their husbands etc… Once she gets help, she sweet talks and gets her way and seduces the person and thereafter says I am not a one night stand… This is coming from married Muslim woman… She breaks people mentally,physically and abusively and has been married a few times and still interacts with various men… Once you break up her she empties everything from your place even though she did not contribute financially… her own kids do not even stay with her… 

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