Lauren Grace Craft – Ridgeland, Mississippi

This 21 yo pafford ems slut walking into my husband’s life and destroyed our marriage. She saw a good looking happily married man and didn’t have a second thought about seducing him and ending our future together. Luring him away from me and our home with going out, getting shitfaced and having fun without having to be tied down by a wife, hours before he would have to be at work at the fire station. Telling him that we shouldn’t be married if we don’t plan on having children.and marriage is outdated and stupid. She would get him to meet with her and screw around while she was supposed to be working the ambulance, just to keep him away from me as much as she could. She convinced him to file for a divorce within a week of them meeting and when I refused to sign the papers because I caught them together 2 days before, she told him to move in with her so he wouldn’t have to see me any more, because she didn’t like that he had still been sleeping with me, HIS WIFE, and the more he was with me, he started to fall for me again. She has fucked her way into my marriage and stand in between me and my husband and on top of that post photos on face book to flaunt my husband as hers. She has no fucking respect for anyone much less her self. And likes to play the sweet inoccent card. She deserves to lose her job as an emt at pafford because i know I could never trust some one with my life when they knowly will sleep with people’s husbands and ruin a marriage she had no place being in.

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  • You seriously must have no life to humiliate this girl on a public website, especially bringing her job into it. If your husband didn’t want to be with you, that’s why he left. She didn’t make him leave, he decided to leave on his own. It sounds like to me that you are a manipulative, psycho bitch. I don’t blame him for leaving and finding someone who makes him happy. This is a perfect example of verbal Slander, and you’ll lrobabaly regret posting this once this gets turned in to the authorities, because it’s obvious who posted this. Lauren is 10000x better than you ever will be, especially considering she doesn’t air out her dirty laundry to the world.

  • Oh my god!!! Her older sister Collen craft is also a home wrecker… go figure. SAME thing happened to me with my husband but at the time we weren’t married. She had him convinced they were in love. She would not stop messaging him and she even came over and would hang around my house and they’d go on dates like??!! I loved him and I have a daughter who woulda been devastated had we split up Bc he’s been in her life a long time that’s why I stayed. He’s changed a lot since then. I’d love to talk to the person who posted this! I’m literally laughing so hard Bc I had no idea this site existed. I woulda put my run in with her slut sister on here. I would watch your back with this whole crew they got several other sisters that are even younger.

    • Also would like to note that whilst I did type this and click submit I immediately clicked cancel. Obviously Bc it’s childish and I had second thoughts about commenting especially since we handled our drama already. And I was told about this website and I come and look and here this is and I get all flustered all over again then I realize it’s really dumb so I cancelled it. But low and behold here is the comment that I cancelled. And at 9pm no less. When I typed this yesterday at 4. Anywho I would just like to say sooo sorry. I’ll have it removed.

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