Kimber Lynea Veasey-Carroll – Elkton, Maryland

Homewrecker, for sure! Kimber Lynea Veasey-Carroll wrecked the home of her grandparents when she brought home an unwelcome guest (Derrick Carroll). This guy later robbed, tortured and murdered her grandparents. But not until Kimber had already had baby with him, married him and then divorced him. Kimber secretly married Derrick Carroll without her family knowing about it. At night, she would sneak this scumbag into her grandparents' home while they were sleeping. All the time she was doing this, Carroll was fantasizing about robbing and murdering her grandparents. Her pet ape criminal is now in jail for his crimes. This dumb bitch needs to be locked away too!

Kimber lost the lovely home she was living in with her grandparents when Kimber got involved with her violent shit-beast buck. Burn the coal, pay the toll! But this dirty mudshark doesn't care. She, along with other young women in the Elkton/North East, MD area run the roads, fight, do drugs, sell drugs, get tattooed, break the law, and have half-breed babies that they have to raise on their own. It's the "Single Moms Club"! None of these sluts have real jobs. 

Kimber recently got busted by the cops for driving illegally. No registration. She also is getting sued by her landlord for not paying her rent on the shitty duplex she now lives in. Kimber no longer lives in that beautiful home with her grandparents. Instead, she now has to pay a lot of money (she doesn't have) on rent to live in half of an old, shabby house. Payback's a bitch! You got your karma! You should have left the loser, black criminal boys alone! Kimber Carroll is the WORST kind of homewrecker imaginable!

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  • LMAO!! I have a fan I see!! Your life must really suck to be soooo worried about mine lol
    Since you’re so concerned with my life and the way I live it and who and what’s going on in it….Life could NOT be better for me then it is right now lol I’m happy, content and honestly couldn’t ask for more. I bet you can’t say the same for yourself….being as tho you’re stuck behind a computer screen rainting about myself and other beautiful woman you wish you had and or were. So sad 🙁

    • Do you miss your grandparents? Now I’m sure you understand why they didn’t fully trust your savage buck.

      Does your homely, frizzy headed, flat nosed, dark skinned daughter wonder why she looks nothing like her mother? Do you think she resents you because she secretly wishes she had more of your Caucasian features?

      Way to fuck up your gene pool! Skanks like you make the liberals happy by turning your offspring brown and by dummying down their IQ points.

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