Kelly Tomlinson – El Paso, Texas

This abusive narcissist thought she would continue to wiggle her way into my boyfriend's (her ex of over 4 years ago!) life with manipulation, threats and sex. He told her to fuck off many times. She threatened to kill herself over it. She'd revert to her abusive tactics calling him a sociopath, pretending she had someone else already anyway and pretending to block his number. She always came back though. She was predictable. When my boyfriend dated her, she was awful to him. So he dumped her. Since then she has continuously messaged him, called him, cyberstalked both him and me, left notes on his car. Just to keep herself in his mind. After going to therapy, my boyfriend realized that Kelly was an abusive person who was just breadcrumbing him. A girl with no value or substance. He and his therapist came up with a plan to get out of his life for good. It worked. We've never been happier! 

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