Kelli Lawerence – Mindenmines, Missouri

This trash bag pretended to be my friend and then waited three months after my wedding to fuck around with my husband while her disgusting boyfriend watched and their kids were there! Then they all lied to me about it and when i finally found out the truth they tried to make it seem like it was my fault because i wouldn’t have sex with him! 

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  • Friends stand up for each other

    This girl is nice she is a really great and amazing smile. Very good to her kids an amazing mother.

    • The woman who originally posted this is guilty of adultery she has multiple men living with her. The woman being posted Kelli I’ve know her since childhood and I know she is ver kind and sweet and doesn’t act inappropriate toward anyone sadly another person being slandered against by some trashy ex aquantance which many people know about how they live and the choices they make.

  • This girl just stays home with her kids sure she doesn’t get to go out or no social life but she is a kick ass mom who loves her kids.

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