Keizo Koga – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Keizo Koga is a home wrecker and a cheating husband with no apparent guilt or remorse.

a long-time employee of Denso North America as an NAvHR Planning  manager, his perceived lack of morality is potentially bad for the company's reputation. 

He has had sex with a married woman coworker  while his wife worked at the same company. Shameless!

He told a woman he has cheated on his wife his entire marriage. Shameless!

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  • Update on Homewrecker Keizo Koga. He had sexual relations in his wife’s bed (poor Ellen Koga to be treated so disgracefully), at the office of Denso’s North American headquarters. Yes, you read that correctly, and with direct reports as an HR Manager for Denso.

    No protection most of the time. Cumming inside married women. He is reckless and disgusting. . Great make role model for his daughters.

    • Katharine Rector

      I don’t know what you are hoping to accomplish by posting this, Ellen. This is reckless and disgusting. You KNOW that you can never take this sh*t off the internet. What are you getting out of this? Schadenfreude? Great role model you are for your daughters, Ellen.

    • Katharine Rector

      Shannon and Chelsea are mortified you are posting this. Why are you doing this? It’s repulsive to read and so cruel tp them. You will never be able to scrub this off the internet just like the tattoo you wish you never got.

  • It’s strange that Keizo Koga has never denied any of these posts on Facebook. If he was innocent of the actions he has been outed for, he would vehemently deny them. Keizo Koga’s, of Ann Arbor, Mi and Denso North America Human Resources, Facebook page would be the perfect place to set the story straight. Yet Keizo has said nothing. Silence is golden.

    • How do you know what he has been posting and/or not posting on his other Facebook page for his REAL friends?

      • Hahahahaha. You called my bluff Sophy. We don’t know what lies he has been posting. Just a lucky guess. You got us there! Good job. Just curious, have you been with him? And any relation to Yoko? But great to know he has ANOTHER Facebook page for his real friends. That’s very normal. Everyone has two Facebook pages, of course! One for fooling people and one for his REAL friends! That doesn’t send up a red flag to anyone? Yeah, right.

        • We HAVE called your bluff, Ellen. That you’re Ellen. It’s quite obvious you’re not trying very hard to hide yourself on Frederick Drive.

    • That’s right. Silence is golden. But since you broadcast your family’s shame to the whole wide world, this will follow you and your family everywhere forever (poor daughters) because this garbage will be here in perpetuity on the internet to keep reminding you (and your friends and acquaintances) over and over about this ugly time that you one day will want to forget. Don’t blame us all for this. You did this to yourself by posting this trash which should have been kept private within your marriage.

      • Agree. This should be litigated privately in family court and save the embarrassment via public-shaming for the sake of their poor children who are innocent of the Koga family marital strife and all the disgusting details posted here that cause THEM emotional pain and suffering. Posting this cr*p about the girls’ father is selfish and cruel. They did not sign up to be on the Jerry Springer Show.

  • katharine rector

    Ellen, please stop posting these horrible things about your husband!

    • Katheryn. Are you crazy? Blaming the wife for this

      • Katharine Rector

        Yes, Ellen. I am blaming you for harassing him. Posting this sh*t with the purpose to humiliate is harassment.

    • Katherine Rector, you have a lot of nerve to say that Ellen Koga should stop posting about the disgusting behavior of her husband. Is this her fault? Are you crazy? The man cheated on her their entire marriage and you blame her? That is pure evil. You are heartless.

      • Katharine Rector

        Ellen, You are acting insane. You are so blinded by anger you don’t seem to care about the consequences. We ALL know this is you, Ellen, not “Fred”. You are consumed with how to get revenge, obsessed with embarrassing him and ruining his life. So he cheated. Yes that’s disgusting. So cut him loose. Move on. Get help. Get a life. Your obsession with revenge through public shaming is just as disgusting, evil and heartless. Have some self-respect.

  • Mom, please STOP it!

  • You are all misguided and fools. Ellen didn’t write any of this, you idiots. This is all reported to us by people whose lives were turned upside down by Keizo Koga’s lechery. He is the only one who deserves blame for the wreckage he has caused. Stop degrading his wife. She has done nothing. Put the blame where it belongs. On the arrogant and likely sociopathic Keizo. You want this to stop? Too bad. Keizo Koga should have stopped long ago. Now the piper is calling.

    • “The lady doth protest too much, methinks!”

    • Katharine Rector

      “Ellen didn’t write any of this, you idiots.” Well Fred, Fredrick, Frederick do you all live on Frederick Drive? Ellen does. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence.

  • Katharine Rector

    “Stop degrading his wife. She has done nothing” except go on a vindictive sl*t-shaming spree to make darn sure this will follow Keizo for the rest of his life, degrading herself and tossing away any moral highground she may have had if she hadn’t pulled this cr*p. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • You are reading what we are saying. His wife IS NOT writing this information. You are wrong and can’t seem to understand that simple concept. We highly recommend you stop accusing her.

  • LEAVE ELLEN ALONE!!! Growing up, she had a difficult home life. Later, she was groomed by Keizo Koga who tricked her into marriage. He turned out to be a bastard of a husband who preyed on married women during their entire marriage and cheated on poor, unsuspecting Ellen countless times. Keizo deserves to be shamed because what he has done is so despicably shameful. He should wear this shame for the rest of his life like a scarlet letter.

  • And what if Ellen were the author? She has every right to warn others who might fall prey to the sexual predator. What’s written is ALL legal–protected by the First Amendment. You all have the nerve of ganging up on her. She is innocent.

    • Actually this is not protected by the 1st Amendment. Posting derogatory statements of fact can be considered defamation and libel and the posters can be held liable for them. The only real defense is the statements are true or just an opinion. Based on this several of the people who posted statements about Elken are likely guilty of defamation. They should hire a lawyer. And if this blows up and ends in court, these people will be responsible for public knowledge of this info exponentially greater than the posts on these sites. These sites lack credibility and Keizo can always just deny everything. But in court, he has to tell the truth or could face a contempt of court charge. You fools who have attacked his wife have given cause for her to charge defamation for some of your comments. You should have kept quiet and not got involved. You may regret it. Everyone will regret it. Idiots. You were warned but ignored it. Get a lawyer.

  • All of you who attacked his wife with false statements should read this. And maybe look for a lawyer?

  • Well, Ellen Koga was not the author of the posts. This is why Jared and Katheryn Rector could be in serious legal trouble. They have clearly stated Ellen Koga wrote posts about Keizo Koga cheating and referred to her as a sock puppet for Fred. It’s a real problem for those two that this isn’t true. Ellen didn’t post those. People tried to warn them but they mocked the warnings. Jared and Katheryn, YOU made statements of fact about Ellen Koga that were clearly damaging to her reputation. YOU have to prove she made the posts about Keizo. She doesn’t have to prove anything. Good luck, friends . Start saving and hire a lawyer.

    • Husband*? Well, certainly you would REALLY help Ellen by coming out and identifying yourself as the author and that will put this Jerry Springer show to rest! Oh, by the way, my name is spelled KATHARINE. There is no “Y”. (Funny that “Fred” misspelled my name in the same way! Coincidence?) When you serve me my summons, make sure you spell my name right.

      • It won’t be me serving you a summons. It will be Ellen Koga’s lawyers who do. I’m pretty sure they will spell your name correctly. I wouldn’t worry about that. I would worry about being summoned. In fact I would do everything in my power to try to stop that from happening. You might want to start with an apology to Ellen. I would start taking this seriously. Don’t worry about who I am. That has nothing to do with you committing libel. Worry about reversing the damage you’ve done. A public and personal apology may help you, but that’s up to Ellen. Not me.

        • Katharine Rector

          I will not apologize to you, Ellen, because you are 100% involved in malicious posts here and on other websites with the purpose to hurt and humiliate Keizo and invade his privacy. It’s very curious that an “ex-husband” of Keizo’s ex-lover would have SO MUCH DETAIL about Ellen’s reactions and intentions! Oh Ellen is not involved at all? Well, then Ellen, why don’t YOU come out and make that statement yourself! This would be the perfect place to clear your name. Silence is Golden.

        • Of course, you are!

          • Always have to have the last word, huh? Katheryn? The hole is getting bigger. Keep going. First you defame and libel the wife. Then you put the daughters’ names on here. Then you mock the warnings. You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, KATERYN, are you? Keep ‘em coming!

          • Who are Katheryn and Kateryn??

  • Great question. Who are you Ketharine? And why the fuck have you involved yourself in something that has nothing to do with you. If you promise to go away and mind your own business and stop adding your stupid-ass false statements, I promise to spell your name correctly. By the way, just so you are aware KATHERINE, because you started this chain of comments and have added 5 times the amount of words on this page, you have made this page much more important to search results and it will remain a top result for anyone searching for Keizo Koga for years. If you had never started with your ridiculous shit, this page would have fallen down search results in a matter of months. Congratulations! This is now going to show up for a long, long time. You are the best!

    • Whether or not this thread comes up high or low on Internet searches can be manipulated by SEOs, you don’t know very much about the internet do you? Sounds like you have some deep regrets over this posting this sh*t in the first place and now wish it weren’t there. You can’t control or stop the comments and it’s expensive to take it out down. Geez…what to do? It was a bad idea of yours to start with, honey.

    • Who am I? You know exactly who I am, Ellen.

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