Justin Piché – Laval, Quebec

Alright so this guy, is the grossest crepiest loser on the planet. All of this can be proven as well! He likes to suck on his mothers dildo, put cum on her dildo. He jerks off to his cousin… Masturbate in public to women!! Google his name Justin Piché and type porn.  He is everywhere!! Absolutely disgusting. He has had many restraining orders filled against him for sneaking in women's changing room and jerking off to them! He looks sweet and charming, however he opened up to me when he was drunk. He also has a massive collection of child pornography, he shown me!! Sorry, I'll have to share this. Now this gets really gross. When he was 19. He got his 7 years old cousin to step on his genitals, and he had her literally blow him. Callling it a game!!! He also looks young so he goes on forums with teens says he is 16. He admitted to me to having sex with 2 girl who were aged 14 and 16. Honestly do not know how he isn't in jail yet. However I hope this helps. Everybody should know what a predatorial freak he is!!! He also has no problem roofing women in bars. He even has video of him driving jerking drinking burning lights you name it. This may seem hard to believe. However. Google this freak!! You'll believe literally everything.

I'm posting this cause I told him to leave me alone many times. He made many FB profiles to keep contacting me. Please share him. 

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