Jonathan Earl Reed – Green Bay / Chilton, Wisconsin, Wisconsin

Jonathan was with his soon to be wife for 3 and half years. In that time he had numerous girls on the side. Never wanted to put forth anything in their marriage including picking up his underwear and he most definitely didnt want to have any kind of sexual relations with her. When she told him she was done and moving out while she was at work one day he moved "his"property out into another girls house. Where he is playing daddy with her kids. But his wife has recieved many messages from other girls stating that he has been with them or got money from them over the past 2 years. He has gotten over 10,000 from his soon to be ex wife and has yet to pay back a penny. But he doesnt have any bills to pay because hr left them with his wife for her to pay. He wants to play daddy but he needs a mommy to take care of him. But let him play innocent in the end you will truly find out what a piece he is.

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