Joe Ramirez Ranielle Chavez – San Diego Texas, Texas

Joe and Ranielle like to look at pictures and videos of their spouses while they cheat with each other. Joe jacks off to pictures of Ariana his ex wife that he cheated on and "fucked up" on. Like you told your Tia. Ranielle the still married WHORE that he left his wife for(which he regrets because her asshole is worn the fuck out) likes to watch videos and pictures of her husbands dick Patrick and the man she wants but can't have Joel. She can't decide what's nicer, circumcised or floppy foreskin. Two pathetic cheaters with phones full of their exes and shattered hopes and dreams. If #profrac doesn't pan out you can always move to the Rez and collect that census check. FUCK YOU BOTH . GOT YOU COVERED FROM #ODESSA TO #ABILENE AND #SANDIEGO 

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