Jessica Michelle Copeland – Keystone Heights, Florida

This skank hoe purposely goes after guys that are married or have girlfriends.  She uses the excuse that she has an issues in her homelife with her husband to get close to other guys for advise. She targets those that she works with. She has no disregard for her two kids or her target's kids, she doesn't care that's she's breaking up homes and families. She likes to play around with several guys at the same time and coworkers have seen her giving blow jobs at the nursing home parking lot to several guys. Jessica has bribed coworkers who have caught her in rooms and closets at work with guys. I am ashamed to have called her a friend not knowing she was after my now current ex husband.  She used to brag about the guys who she slept with including the time she she slept with a nursing home resident in exchange for money. She is a sick individual. 

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