Jessica Menace – Mountain Lake, New Jersey, New Jersey

I have known Jessica Menack since she was a child and know what kind of family she grew up. Jessica Menack is a diagnosed Sociopath! She is unfortunately very dangerous as she has always been plotting ways to destroy and harm people. In her words, the more drastic the merrier. 


Her sociopathy pathology is both genetic and environmental. If you see the many reviews of what kind of horrible person his father (Steven Menack) is, you will see Jessica Menack is the exact same kind.


She thought she is popular when we all know she is an evil and monster. We just pretend to be her friends but not close because we know the serious consequence of falling prey if we are not her friends or we are close to her.


She has been sick for so long and it is surely hopeless. She will be damaging people for the rest of her life without fail. Family, friends, classmates, teachers, professors, employers, colleagues and strangers, all will not be safe. 


We’ll keep you posted if she gets even more sick and venomous. The only advice: run as fast as you can! Or unless you are terrific enough to be able to destroy her instead and save the world!

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