Jennifer Bell – Atlanta, Georgia

Ohhhhhhh where do i start with this one…. Jennifer Bell is alot of things, and none of the things that she says she is. She is not a good friend. She is not loyal, honest or does she have your trust and best interests in mind. She is NOT a lesbian. though she and her very young girlfriend claim to be together and yet they send most of their time running around town sleeping with just about every guy in town. Literally. the only thing gastier then Jennifers sexual history is that of her girlfriend Zoies. Jesus the two of them spend most of their days drinking GHB, shooting Meth and fucking your boyfriend behind your back. And they do not descriminate. I do not reccomend following after a sexual encounter with them. Their present woman's health status presently is un known. But i know from past encounters, i wouldnt even try on a bathing suit behind them!!! Not only is Jennifer a slut- shes a horrific theif. She will literally steal whatever isnt nailed down of yours and then lie right to your face about doing it. shes really fake like that. gaurd not only your valuables but your personal information and credit cards. Shes quick to use her friends identities to open credit cards, buy things onine and all around get a buncha free senseless stuff on your tab. She steals from friends, after fucking their boyfriends, while she was there to sell GHB to whomever it was that searched her and booked an appointment wih her offa the web. hmmmmmm….. im thinking ill passs on this itch if you come across her. but if you decide to walk on the wild side, strap up!

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