Jamie Walker – Monett, Missouri

Jamie Walker, plant manager of IDF in Monett Missouri, is a mid 40s lying, selfish fool who cheated on his young wife of over 6 years. To make matters worse, he had been cheating on her since their baby was 6 months old. What kind of man does that? He found him an even younger whore from a steakhouse in Monett and started saddling up with her in Sept. 2017. His wife didn't find out about it until Feb 2018. Now, she's asked for a divorce. It is not even finalized, and he is vacationing and spending all of his time with the waitress. What an example for Jamie's 1 year old daughter and 3 older sons, all from different women. Well, can't say we are surprised. He's never raised any of his kids. It's all about himself. Jamie knocks up his wives, then finds him a new younger woman to move on to. I wonder what his bosses and the Chamber of Commerce in Monett think about someone so willing to cheat and run around on their wives. Seems like most men who do this are dishonest in other ways. Just a thought. He's definitely a piece of work that all women less than 30 need to beware of at this time. 

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