Iana Nenakhova – Florida, Palm Beach, Florida

Homewrecker, gold-digger, cheater and psychopath. She likes to play "innocent" and pure to lure men and exploit them for financial gains. Originally from Russia, the whore used her relatives (her sister) to help her relocate to Florida, Palm Beach Gardens. Her sister provided her with an apartment, food, nice car, job – all kinds of support…at the same time the whore was trying to steal her sister's husband, along with having relations with a coupe of other married men and several other "boyfriends" all of whom she used for financial gains and other support. She also had a husband in Russia who was naively sending her money to support his prostituting gold-digger wife. She also often sleeps with strangers in one-night encounters, and occasionally goes through people's stuff to steal little amounts of money.

Iana is a psychopath, who is addicted to lying and has no ability to feel emotional attachments (she was even torturing stray animals when she was young).

Be careful, be warned.

Name: Iana Nenakhova / Korobeinikova, Yana Nenakhova, Яна Ненахова / Коробейникова

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