Hannah Whipple – Kellogg but from Harrison, Idaho

Hannah whipple  slept with my husband while we were on a break. I wasn't  mad for a few reasons..1st we were on a break yes were married and she knew and it hurt but he owed me loyalty not her. 2nd he used her for a place to stay until I would take him back (bad on him) I actually felt bad for her at first. 3rd it was him who messed up by doing that. However I'm pissed because when he came back into our home  she messaged me telling me he had been with her (little did she know I already knew because one of her friends told me while it was going on) I  said ok its alot to take in because it was and thank you happy holidays. Now shortly after that I  started getting messages from what  you could clearly see were fake accounts saying my huband was still seeing and texting Hannah but they couldn't give me his new number it was his old one. I then ignored and ignored in February her sister in law Shaniece texted me calling my kids retarded and I was pisses responding come say that to my face now i saw Hannah was on Homewrecker i commented in the comments yes.. this month march 2018 after months of this shit I sent Hannah a message  in response to her message to me saying keep your man entertained so he leaves me alone(my husbands phone was broken and he had been with me) so I messaged her on facebook so I could keep record of whats being said since my phone will only hold so many messages and i save all messages betwwen my ex and I  about our kids. My message siad stop making stuff up and contacting me stop the fatal attraction shit. 5 minutes  later I got a phone call from a man (not her dad but old enough to be) my husband answered on speaker the man yelled he was going to end my existence my husband was pissed told him to come try. He called over and over again and each time was answered with a funny thing by us like teeny weenie penis helpline and hellofollowed by us hanging up and so forth..he finally quit. After that I started getting accused of cheating and nope never have. I am faithful to my husband even on the break. A few days ago I was put on homewrecker the story filled with lies and the link was sent to me by a fake facebook I blasted Hannah on Facebook with the truth and then more messages and i was up on another homewrecker site.againwith more lies So I  don't know if she's obsessed with my husband or what I do know that she started talking shit about me when I first married my husband when I had Never even met her. Her friends and family  have said my husband slept with a child but the last time I checked 18 is a adult so Hannah here's what I  have to say to you.. I am not worried about you or anyone else I know my worth and my marriage is better then ever and if in the future we don't make it it won't be because of your bullshit lies. Get over it move on theres other men who aren't attached already but Joe was and is. Good luck.. the photo is of the 2 main culprits and the message i sent Hannah  the yellow is what I sent Dennis (the man who thretened me) the couple white ones are from either Hannah or one of her minions one saying shit about my husband and again 18 is a adult not a child and one saying hannah has more then 1 person to annoy me with. The girls are Hannah and her sister inlaw who called my children retarded. And the ya I'm mad one is me to a friend… truths out there now…

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  • Im so sorry sweetie theres some crazy obsessed narsistic people out there. Your right he owed you loyalty and its big of you to see that. I dont blame you for being upset that this crazy trash sorry excuse of a woman is in a sense stalking you and harassing you. She really needs to get a life. Bet her mommy is proud haha not! The people helping her are just as childish and psychotic as she is. Chin up your better than this. Its takes a strong woman to see the facts and stand up for what she believes in , her self, family and marriage. You got this sweetie your golden.

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