Greg Tallent – Salisbury, Maryland

This guy I known for years is such a manwhore.  Forgave him for cheating with my wife, but now that he is doing this with multiple women, new low and I have to draw a line.  Not just does he toss away any responsibilities he ever gets, he has such a deep seated condition of only child syndrome he cannot admit to anyone ever helping him or praise his own kids.  They had jobs for a long while that he never acknowledged just so he could say they never do anything or leave the house.  He cheated on his wife while she was laid up from a facial surgery that bought her his home, paid off his debt, then turned around and beat her when she tried to seek attention from another guy, while he ignored her for years.  She came back to help pay his bills, now like 10 years later he is going to try to act like a 20 year old, so he needs to take all the money he saved not spending it on his family to get his own place and leave them homeless, all because he wants a place to fuck. You never do that to your family Greg!  I would never do that to either of my sons, you need to get your priorities straight pal.   He is constantly cheating on one girl to another, so on, and so forth.  Currently he is changing his phone numbers so ladies who already know him, get ready to be disconnected from him until he needs another lay to brag about at work while everyone cringes.  Never trust a word he says because he will tell the most slanted view of things, dont leave your daughter around him if they are between 16 – 18, and he is not below using drugs to get sex, whether bartering with or to ease someone into it.  He is a major addict to one thing or another, current drug is coke.  His two sons had to spend their lives taking care of him, now he is kicking them out.  Don't buy his house he is trying to sell you will just be spiting three innocent people who had to support him for years.  His new catchphrase to women is that he has a new place and wants to settle down, be a family guy, as if he never had a family in the first place.  He hates children, avoided one girl friend because as he put it "I don't want to be a grandpa."  By the way he is a handsy ladies, thats right he will try to throw himself on you if he think he can stick anything anywhere on you.  Spread the word, avoid this old, lecherous man.  My mistake he's not a man he's a wife beating only child brat, that will use you for sex or to put you on the spot to rope you into his bull.  Don't bother hiring him for a gig either he is a sub par guitarist with stubborn taste on the crowed or venues he goes too.  He's the bald one with the grey moustache, wearing the hat.  Steer clear of the pedophile, druggy, scumbag, hotdog skinned, tool coming to live in the area of Eaton near you!

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