Dustin Mark Vangundy – Tarkio, Missouri

Currently sleeping with 3 married women and other women as well. Dustin Vangundy is a 36 year old "man" who doesn't care about anyone other then his self. He lives off of his mother, father and brother. He can't take blame for his own actions and points the finger at everyone but HIMSELF. He will tell a girl anything they wanna hear. And not only has he split up other relationships but he thinks it's funny and then tries to say well if "the husband" would not of done this or this it wouldn't of happen. they were asking for it. He also is into sleeping with a women then going to another women's home and making her give him head after fucking someone else and not showering. He had even admitted to sleeping with 300 different women give or take. He's disrespectful, degrading, arrogant asshole. He's the type who will end up old and alone. 

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