Devyn Brownson Hollingshead – Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

This Whore is Devyn, she is the lowest kind of filth the world has. I had a very terrible pregnacy and it ended up leading to a miscarriage. during the months i was going through this, Devyn was right there "helping" my husband. At one point after i had found out that they were having an affair, she actually told me " if you can't satisfy you man, i will". I was losing our child, I couldnt even believe that she had the nerve to say that to me. I have since filled for divorce from the loser i once called a huband, but i want everyone to know about this sick excuse of an adult child.

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  • Hi Hannah and Shaniece Whipple,
    You know its sad your pissed that you can’t break my husband and I up so you have become so desperate you have to make shit up about a person because you have no real dirt…well hannah you should know on this past new years your sister in law Shaniece (yes the one who supposedly cares about you and is helping but actually making it worse stood in the bathroom at BOBS 21 Bar in post falls calling you a whore saying you have daddy issues…if I had had a issue with you sleeping with my husband while we were on break you would have known it I wouldn’t have said happy holidays to you. But you Shaniece and whoever else (your minions and other family members) start messaging me saying shit trying to split up my marriage and I ignored it Shaniece called my kids names I told her to say it to my face! Then you message telling me to keep my man entertained with a picture of his name liking something of yours well honey it couldn’t have been him because his phone was broke and he had been with me all day! When I told you to stop the fatal attraction shit you had a 40 something year old man who i guess according to him likes to hang out with 19 year old girls at night call my number and my husband picked up he told my husband he would end my existence..and then I found out you put me on here with lies so I blasted you on facebook and you then put me on another site and i just noticed you put me on yet another site weeks ago with nothing but lies on all of them are you that obsessed and Shaniece are you that hard up for drama? Don’t worry ladies the truth is out there I am not worried about you. My marriage is better then ever and if by chance in the future my marriage ends (because nothings promised forever) it wont be because of you…. Also your post about me cheating on my ex and my kids lmao.. Hey Shaniece your husband was married before you and you guys don’t let his kids see their real mom haven’t since you married him. You know nothing about my kids or my ex so you shouldn’t talk about shit you don’t know..see my ex sees our kids every week and i divorced him so your post is 100 percent wrong and so are the others. Karmas a bitch and it will come back around to all of you for your threats harrassment and lies.

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