Derek John stone – Casper, Wyoming

Hey ladies this man is the biggest creep off them all. His name is Derek stone but will use this name and many aliases as he trolls the internet for women. I spoke with his long time live in girlfriend and the pain and disrespect he has caused that entire family made me feel like this was the perfect sight to put him on!! So ladies beware if you have met a Derek on tinder ( who says dick pics are doughy)or any hookup sight for that matter, anything and everything he says is a lie. He's huge on Twitter, or the famous whats app,. He's asks for nudes and in return you will receive pics, some him and some not. ( he calls himself Justin, Jason, chad, drew, and many many more). He is huge pervert who lies and a fictitious life he's created for the unexpected poor women, girl, lady basically anyone who will listen kinda guy. So let's get him the public attention he so willing wants snd give a shout out to the "biggest home wrecker off them all" pathetic, gross, creepy Derek John stone, Derek Benjamin stone, Derek Aaron stone (really he as so many differnt middle names, hard to say what one he's using). He's says he's lives in Casper, powell, or Gillette Wyoming, or  alambama, Kansas, Indiana he really gets around… Hope this reaches everyone state to state starting right here In Sheridan Wyoming !!!! Let's give this man all the attention he wants. (Mr.Stone you are definitely douchie) and to all you ladies don't fall for his I love you, Your my world, I would never look at another woman, he has said this to us all and yet we all have one thing in common, his gross ass!!!

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