Continue to exersize extreme caution.  Darren Ambler is still on the 'Loose".  Darren is a Lying, Sex predator, Stalker , Prostitute with ZERO Personality, Morals, Class and he has STD'S.  Darren Ambler lives at 12 WESTBURY DR, in Cherry Hill, NJ.  He is employed by CONTINIUM RX as a Pharmacist.  Bad profession for a Drug addict and Liar.  Darren is a PIG with a foul mouth.  Darren Ambler is Demented and has Brain damage from DRUGS.  He will sleep with anyone Desperate enough to say YES.  Darren takes no accountability for his actions and lives in FANTASY LAND.  Darren is an unfit and grotesque human being.  He has infected numerous women.  He has been with hookers and numerous others.  Darren must learn when you do the dirty deed, lie, do drugs and perform sick sex acts with everyone in town there is a price to pay. Darren is the lowest of the low and the Ugliest of the UGLY.  A big Zero moron and everyone knows it.  Darren has and will PAY FOR SEX. A TOTAL LOW CLASS POS! BEWARE. CALL POLICE IF HE STALKS YOU OR SOLICITS YOU FOR SEX.  DARREN IS QUITE LAUGHABLE NAKED.  DARREN EXPOSED HIMSELF AND HE IS TOO STUPID AND BRAIN DAMAGED TO REALIZE IT.  HE BELONGS IN JAIL SEGREGATED SO NO ONE CATCHES ANYTHING FROM THIS GARBAGE ON WHEELS!

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