Daniella Pierre – Lakeside, California

This whore is about 23 years old and looks 40 years old. Overweight, Ugly and Retarded. 

This slut acts like a Christian but is really a prostitute with no morals. She have been sleeping with a MARRIED MAN that has a child already. I'm sure she knew about him being married but Hoes will be Hoes forever. Not only did this slut have sex with a MARRIED MAN, she had a child with him too. I'm sure she was waiting for years to do that. It didn't take no time. You can't claim to be  spiritual person or Christian and fuck a MARRIED MAN everyday. I don't know what he saw in this low quality retard anyway. Only thing she can do is get fucked and cook (you can tell by how fat she is). This whore is now a Babymomma to a MARRIED MAN and this married man should be a shamed of himself for fucking a little girl compared to his age. He had to be checking for her when she was a child. They had this new baby out of wedlock and he didn't have the decency to talk to his wife about this new situation..he just hid it. She will forever be a slut and whore. Only a slut would do that happily. She's nothing but a prostituting witch and he's just immature sugar daddy that doesn't take care of his child he had with his wife. 

Her Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Daniella.pierre.52438

Since she likes to sleep with MARRIED MEN her address is: 10229 Ashwood Street, Lakeside California 92040 Apt 35 — Homewrecking Whore from Haiti that couldn't find her own husband so she slept with someone else's and got pregnant by him. He's just a married nasty sugardaddy that went into debt by spending thousands on his credit card for a fat whore that can't help him get out of it. Good Luck Babymomma! 

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