Cherokee Dawn Summers and Justin Daniel Ayers – Midwest City and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Justin Daniel Ayers cheated on me several times, beat me and my animals. Would leave bruises on me and around my neck. He would throw things at me and waste all my money on cigarettes and alcohol. When it came to owning up to it my name got dragged through the dirt by him and his whore of a wife. It has been going ib for the last 2 years. My nudes were posted online both on google and DA. I had to go through hell to get them taken down.  (The nudes posted were also taken on his phone and never got deleted)

On top of all of it my dead parents were used against me, they told me I have killed/ aborted and even faked my pregnancies. All while he also claimed he wasn't the father (yet he was the only one I was sexually active with) and even gone as far as black mailing me. Making false reports with DHS, the cops and the courts. They both have impersonated me going as far as making online accounts using mine and my husbands photos and names.

Yet I am supposed to be the "crazy obsessed one" yet for over a year-and-a-half they were making their own evidence committing perjury and impersonating me, my husband and, several other people so they could try get their way. Ever since 2018 I have been stalked, I have been slandered, I've been harassed, I have been threatened, I have been blackmailed, I have been impersonate, cyber bullied and have had to pick up and move because this fat ugly dyke that is gender confused whore keeps finding my address and cell numbers. She has admitted to looking me up on several occasions.  (first she was non-binary, then she was a lesbian, then she was a sexual then she was transgendered, then she was gender fluid then she went back to being non-binary to now she trans again) 

The hell that I've gone through in the past two years and I keep going through ia tough because the stank can't stop watching my shit and can't stop targeting me with her fake accounts she makes. She keeps stalking me getting the 411 on everything and pretty much being my little paparazzi just so she can talk smack about me. It's pathetic at one point she sat there and said I tried to be her because I shaved my head bald like no bitch this isn't the first time that I've shaved my head. Growing up I've always had short hair and I wouldn't want to try to be you. You look like your face got Smooshed in by a pile of shit that was so hard it gave you permanent brain damaged.

Hell you probably got your face bashed in by a brick. You ain't cute you ain't attractive in anyway. No matter how much you put makeup on your faces your personality is about as ugly as Satan. You created some inbred methed up looking dwarf thing that is just as saggy and retarded just like you. Apple sure don't fall far from the tree no wonder you got adopted out your face is so ugly not even a mother can love it.

She tried to sit there and say that I'm jealous and I'm obsessed well I can't be jealous of what I've already had and trust me it wasn't that good. He would hardly bathe he would never brush his teeth so kissing him was awful. Sex life wasn't that great and I always felt like I needed to take like 10 showers and brush my teeth with bleach. He never lasted long and I got tired of having to fake that he was good at what he did. Never once did I have an orgasm when I was with him. If I wanted ine I had to get myself off.

The fact that I was willing to stay with him with that issue on top of the fact that he was abusive on top of the fact he always cheating on me. Yeah I tolerate a lot he lost a damn good thing. But it's cool because I got better and I would very much appreciate if you little brain dead cracked up alcoholic fucks would knock your shit and quit hating on the fact that I am a better person, I am happier and I am not inclined to deal with your pathological narcissistic lying bullshit drama. Not my fault your ugly ass wife loves me and wants me to the point she had to start this illusion that we were in a relationship. (Never dated her never will date that ugly troll looking ass STD filled cunt yuck!)

And it's not my fault that you're still obsessed with me and you keep popping in my DM because you want me back will it's not going to happen I have those messages if you'd like me to post them. Don't be pissed because my world no longer revolves around you. You should have been and done better. But considering you're just like your mother and your pedo daddy no wonder you turned out like a nasty ass scrub. The way I look at dude you're not my ex you're a Y like why the hell did I waste my time and money dating you? What the hell did I see in ya. Also it's not kosher to sit there and make fun of somebody and tell them to go back to being suicidal because y'all think it's funny. There is a very special place in hell for the two of you and your little shitstain too.

The past two years I have sat there and told you people to leave me the fuck alone and yet you won't because you think it's a game I am not your toy. His wife Cherokee Dawn Summers that he cheated on me with two months after losing my son for his reasoning being that I let him down by losing our c hild has been stalking me harassing me slandering me cyber bullying me for two years Non-Stop. During 2018 because of everything that they had done and said to me I'd become suicidal and they still make fun of me for it and they told me to go back to it and to do it harder and not miss basically telling me to kill myself.

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