Andrea Kljajic Homewrecking snake – sveavagen 21 vaernamo , Sweden, Sweden

My soon to be husband met this whore on World of Warcraft, game we all played together online. She went around sending nudes to several men in the guild and on my raid team, she broke their hearts and stomped on them… one of them she told she had cancer and that the guy should stay with her because of it… who the hell does such a thing! i've been sent screenshots of these convo's. She's changed her ingame name and realm transferred to hide from all these lies, but she cant hide forever. Fleshcrawler-Sylvanas She the worst of the worst kind of woman, desperate to not be alone, desperate for guys attention, and she will step on who ever she has to to get all that attention. Rotten to the core for being a homewrecker. Ladies if your man plays WoW or lives in Sweden beware of her… to the guys playing wow or being near her, dont fall for her act, shes a sociopath..

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  • my marriage is over because of this whore, she’s showing her whore cunt to every man that she wants just for a little while till shes tired of them

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