Amy Baxter Easter – Brandon, Florida

Watch out for this liar and habitual cheater. Amy Baxter Easter has had numerous affairs on her husband over the course of their 22 year marriage. The first one she got got caught with was with a supervisor in Louisville, KY in 2000/2001. Fast foward to 2006/2007 and she was caught in Michigan with a coworkers son, Justin, graduating from a Navy program in a hotel. Talk about robbing the cradle!  Moving right along to 2009 she was then caught in a "emotional" affair with yet again another supervisor/coworker, Jeff, at A***-C*** in Knoxville, TN while her husband was deployed to Iraq. Word was it was way more than emotional. In 2013 she carried on yet another affair with a trainer/lead, Roger Gonzalez, at C***-C*** in Tampa, Florida. This guy even had a criminal record and she went as far as to open a joint account with him. Her current affair is with, you guessed it, a coworker and person of authority at Macdill AFB in Tampa. They both are screwing over her husband, a disabled combat veteran, and have not a care in the world about it. He is still married supposedly. The pattern is pretty clear here if she works with your husband or boyfriend you better watch out! She has to be the center of attention and will screw anyone to get that attention. Her husband gave her everything and repeated chances and this is how she repaid him. God knows how many other men she has screwed as these are just the ones she got caught with. She went as far as to leave her husband and their son to carry on her current affair. Lying, cheating, whore and homewrecker!!

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