Alexis Rayne clemons (reed) – Floyd, Virginia

Mrs. Alexis Rayne clemons y all. Lemme tell you about this skank… My husband started a job when I was 7 months pregnant…. it was at the crossings in blacksburg….. a nursing home…. This bitch was getting married and had started fucking my ex a week before she married Mr Micheal clemons (sheriff of Floyd county haha)  she lied and lied she said it wasn't her number that was in his phone trying to save him. And lie for him all the while lying to her husband too. This bitch knew I was pregnant. The day I was in labor she texted my husband and told him she would rather him be with her than to be at the hospital with that baby. Told him he didn't need his kids. Smh and she had jus gotten married I stg if I ever seen this bitch I'd rock her fuck8n head…..

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