Aleksandr Zverinskiy – Tampa, Florida

Psychiatrist cheated on a pregnant wife with first year resident (now psychiatrist as well) in Staten Island NY. Moved away from NYC to Tampa, Florida. Now claims to be passionate about mental health. 
One person’s mental health he abandoned in New York however – is his beautiful daughter’s. His daughter is now 5.5, blue eyed and gorgeous. Zverinskiy has replaced her mental health and childhood for a “golden eldorado” in the psychiatry world of Tampa, Florida with that same resident – a repulsive looking Armenian shrink.
In fact, growing up – Dr Zverinskiy used to have principles, which he now abandoned as well. During his non psychiatry ward days he would not be caught dead with an ugly Armenian. He was too loyal to his Jewish roots and valued his ancestors’ Holocaust survivor history. But once he met the psych wardess Ludmila Aramian – all hell broke loose. He saw her repulsive mug and that was enough to say adios to all of his life’s principles.
Zverinskiy felt the world did not have enough ugly Armenians – it gave Ludmila Aramian the gift to reproduce and grant the world another Armenian spookster.


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