Advian Siragusa – Stamford, Connecticut

Advian is what I would call a serial home wrecker. She destroyed my marriage of 13 years and from what I have learned this isn't the first time she has been with a married man. In fact I found texts on my husband's computer of her bragging about it, and how she purposely goes for married man because she says that all the good / fun guys are married , she likes older guys FYI, with money, and the guys that aren't married are too young and immature for her. And she sucks them dry and then gets bored and , next!  So to sum it up , Advian has absolutely zero problem destroying families , brags about it , and will one day rot in hell where she belongs. Also she works in a strip club and is a very bad drug addict, in fact she turned my soon to be ex husband into a drug addict , and then when she got bored of him she just left him for dead after 2 years , oh and I forgot to mention , they were engaged!!! Yeah, that about sums it up. 

Today is Advians 41st Birthday, Happy Birthday Slut !

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  • She is a no good straight up gold digger she and my Boyfriend text all the time and she works in the biggest shithole strip club in Stamford I mean this place is a total dump but I go with my bf because I don’t trust him and they flirt right in front of me she looks like a straight up junkie she probably has a few more years before she will look like total shit and will prob fire her she must weigh 90 pounds but I guess when you run into the bathroom every 10 minutes most def sniffing coke what do you expect someone should buy her a mirror and her breath is KICKIN! straight up Tip Hoar. But sorry your husband is an idiot for dating a stripper/bartender go get tested girl cause she don’t look healthy think I met him she def took him for a ride

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