Wenonah Bowen – Rockland, Massachusetts

This pig here knew my friend and her fiancé were going through a rough patch but that they were still together but she still continued to pursue him! She would hang all over him when he was extremely intoxicated one night after my friend and her man got into a bad fight and he was extremely drunk this slam pig wouldn’t stop calling him and finally got him to agree to go out for more drinks we’ll all it took this whore was 2beers and a half of pizza for her to spread her legs! Then when my friend called her to ask what was going on she gave her a fake name and lied it wasn’t until she heard my friends man in the background that she said she was sleeping with him and hung up! She’s worked at massage parlors that were shut down for prostitution and has been arrested a few times for walking the street as a hooker! Then this beast had the nerve to try and play victim and say she’s innocent and nothing is her fault! All this pig does is cause issue after issue!! She likes to frequent the local rockland bars she plays like she is sweet and innocent and does no drugs lol! She’s a drunk and was and always will be a dirty junkie who sells her pussy for $20! Ladies keep your man away cause once she knows he’s unavailable she’s ready to spread them she likes it even better if he has a family!! She’s a nasty disgusting dirty pig

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