Wade Kester – Stilwell, Oklahoma, International

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Wade Kester abandoned his newborn son and twin step daughters he'd raised, to go play house with his Mistress Martina Romero and her son. He left me at the hospital alone the night I had our son. I had a horrible botched csection and he couldn't be bothered to stay and help or bond with our baby. Martina harnesses and brags about their  conquests, she laughed when she told me she'd made him leave us that night to for sleep with her.  He refus d to help financially or even see our son for over 5 months, completely discarded my twin daughters who knew him as dad to begin a new life with her & her kid. Kept almost if mine and the children's belongings, and after not helping or being a part of our baby's life, filed for divorce, full custody and child support…,they tell everyone I Harris her, they even write messages to theirselves  pretending it's me, trying to be the victims and saying I'm the crazy one… enough enough. They work together @ Cherokee Nation Industries, Stilwell,OK.  I pray to God my son doesn't have to just go straight to long visits with them. Wade us has unmedicated Narsacistic Personality Disorder and Bipolar….She laughs and says she got my husband, now she's going to get my baby, He tells me I should respect this girl because he loves her and they are going to be getting my son so that they don't have haverhe say and their aunt shit I can do. Sorry ass excuse for a man.

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