Veronica Ward Pierce – Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

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Veronica Ward Pierce, originally from Belle Vernon now located in Canonsburg, NOT ONLY cheated on her husband and son!!! She cheated with a man who was married, had two kids, and wife that was 6 months pregnant!!!! Their affair lasted months before their spouses found out!!! This HOMEWRECKER NEEDS EXPOSED!!!!!! 

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  • She is trash. Anyone that will sleep with a married man is trash

  • Life is Tough... It's Tougher If You Are Stupid

    This is 100% harassment and libel, both punishable by law. Should you proceed to post any information about this person which could cause her or her family harm, you WILL be pursued by local and federal authorities and will be sentenced to prison time. Probably not such a good idea since, I am quite positive, this was posted by the male offender’s wife and/or family/friends. Anyone involved can face up to TWENTY FIVE years of incarceration and also be open to a civil lawsuit. These cases are becoming more prevalent due to social media and are being punished, by the law exceptionally hard. I urge you to think about your family and seek professional assistance for your emotional pain rather than potentially causing physical harm to this person and her family. your actions also have consequences which could make you lose your home, your family, and any life you currently have, happy or miserable!

    • Alright alright alright

      The truth is the best defense. I don’t see anything questionable about this post. Facts are facts. Try arguing against that in a court of law.

  • Please take down your slander I am attorney and will sue you.

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