Tony Lund & His July 6th Disgusting Swedish Prostitute – Stockholm, Sweden, International

Spread the words if you don’t like disgusting trashy losers who are idiots, users, cheaters, morally bankrupt and whore jackers with criminal reports:


Tony Lund and a Swedish whore hooked up on July 6th was a part of very sinister play by Tony Lund. Now they are both shamelessly exposed to as many random people and place as possible for humiliation!! 


Tony Lund is a life long toxic white trash liar, very manipulative and controlling emotion and physical abuser with criminal reports who is morally bankrupt not worth much and a user who feels no shame about his disgusting behaviors. He is also a serial swedish whores jacker, long time cheater, an idiot knowing nothing except how to abuse, use then ditch every woman while blame them for all his faults. 


He did this when another woman has been there for him for quite some time, help him become a better person which he totally takes advantage of yet never gave anything in return or appreciate not because she is not good enough but simply because he is a loser who has no problem of abruptly hurting every women in order to gain for himself. A long time serial dater always cheaply juggling multiple women, abuse, use and blame them for his faults, Tony Lund shamelessly fooled the woman into believing he is in when she gave him an ultimatum, only to fool her in order to buy himself time so he can land this swedish prostitute as a tool on July 6th 2018, two days after he called her and acted like everything is ok. These two cheap low level craps wasted no time and quickly hooked up. Once Tony Lund sinisterly lined up another new object and tool, he finally showed his card. He will treat every woman in his best ways possible in the beginning and very quickly once he considers they have been used up, he lines up the next ones and the eternal abuse begins. The cycles repeat itself again and again for his entire life. He will twist things to make it look like it is their faults so as to make an “decent” exit for himself. 


Well for this July 6th prostitute, unfortunately you are cheaper than a toilet brush to even be able to bare your stinky cheap ass so quickly. This prostitute will be shamelessly exposed to as many people as possible and both with permanent records for the rest of their lives for public humiliation. You will get really really fucked up for doing the eternal wrong thing this one day with the rest of your fucking cheap and short life.

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  • Everything real about Tony Lund

    Man whore Tony Lund has always been duping women and using them for his gains. Anyone is just something serving a need and will eventually be harmed and abused.

    This loser with rape and sexual battery reports can’t treat people right and he can’t progress with others without harming them. Imaging telling a tiger to not kill – impossible.

    Shit Loser and abuser Tony Lund has been going after and sleep with the women he is seeing’s girlfriends his entire life=#AuthenticLoser. A serial dater always juggling and duping multiple women, he is a master manipulator, pathological liar and a promiscuous cheater. Call it woman because they aren’t girlfriends, they are just good for a while till Tony Lund gets bored due to his loserhood or land new preys that he lines up early enough before there is even any problems. Ironically, he has estimated the end date quite early on in the dating phase and as that timeline is approaching, he starts hunting for new supplies before there is even any problems with the current woman, or they are still going uphill in their pseudo short term relationship. Of course his new hunts will cause problems and this hideous douchebag will then claims there are problems with the woman for complaining about him (really?!) and use that as the reasons to ditch her because she whined about his flirts and cheats, and she is therefore controlling and causing drama! In reality this idiot and monster is the one who is causing drama and emotionally (sometimes physically) abusing them! Every empathy woman were eventually treated the same way, including the better ones – it makes no difference because the eternal problem lies in him.
    This double life loser plays smear campaigns to bad mouth the woman to his new cheat, family and friends. Yet tells the woman it is all his faults and he has problems with himself. This is how the monster fool everyone while stay clean out of his severe abuse and wrong doings, by blaming and scapegoating innocent women, who not only suffered emotional, physical abuse and betrayals, but was left into blaming themselves for the faults they never make while the real killer move on happily with his new life and new whores not caring a damn of the hell he throws them in.

  • Tony Lund The Man Whore

    Be extremely careful with this loser. He is a vampire user who will suck everything from you and eventually aim to harm because he lives off harming others – it makes him feel powerful.

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