Tim DeVolld – Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee

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A liar, cheater and fraud,this guy likes to prey on young women. He will tell you he's written and sold many country songs that have topped the charts but he's never written a thing. His "fictious" resume boasts a 15 year career as an executive chef at the Ritz; owning and operating his own electricial business; making millions as a licensed lighting specialist, the list is endless. The reality is this guy has had 25 jobs in 20 years, has two felony convictions, hasn't paid taxes in 15 years and has a mountain of debt. Stay away from this creep, his only skills are lying, cheating, stealing and abusing women.

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  • I dated Tim for awhile and he was none of these things. He is an electrician, he does know to cook and he was extremely good to me. He never told me any of this crazy stuff and he knows how to play guitar and sing. Don’t believe everything you read.

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