Tiffany-Lee Moodley 9109160165080 – Sherwood,Durban , Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

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Tiffany-Lee Moodley 9109160165080:


A life of Lies,  Loose Sex with Married men, Betrayal and deceit


Tiffany-Lee Moodley is the only daughter of Miss Maistry  and Mr Moodley from their first marriage. She was a victim of serious abuse by her father and confided in managers and staff at work that her dad sexually abused her from high school days. In a conversation with B.  he mentioned that although she claimed she was a virgin when he first slept with her she later confessed her father sexually abused her and had a strong hold over her. To date she mentioned she was always touched by her father on her big butt was forced to share the bed with him.  Her little brother was born 23plus years after her and she was seeing a psychologist for the embarrassment caused by her father before divorcing her mother.  She was extremely terrified of visiting her father when he was alone as she described him as an alcoholic and sexual predator and didn’t care that she was his daughter and would force himself onto her and into her. There were numerous times where Tiffany would be in a bad space and would never miss his call or that would see her being punished and verbally abused and later physically abused by him.


This gave Tiffany her taste of sex and lust and she has on numerous occasions been linked to 1 night stands, stranger sex and abortions.


Her desire to have a father figure in her life gave vent to being attracted to older men and has confided that 2 of her married uncles also had repeated sex with her and she encouraged it because of this desire.  Her sexual antics coupled with her alcoholic taste and smoking started in high school and there are many claims of boys that slept with her through this revelry. She participated in soccer and likewise would claim that there was nothing a sports bra couldn’t take of.


Tiffany has confessed and on many occasions alluded to “plenty of sexual encounters” with various men and brags that she has kissed plenty. She also mentioned that her breasts were her weakness and she deliberately exposes them as it is her weapon for sex. She had 34dd and is now down to 34d or C and once touched she cannot hold back and just wants sex with the men. She is also an addict and mentioned that upon sight of a penis she loses control and has to ‘eat’ the penis. It is her weakness and she cannot hold back.


She has detailed her sexual antics with various short-term relationships and we choose to omit names for recognition purposes.


Her last known decent relationship was with J a devout Christian and upon questioning was aghast at the facts that surfaced where she was involved in sex with married men and apparently 2 at the same time. He clearly stated at first that she was not sexually active after they broke up and he said that at first he believed her lies that she was forced into it and blackmailed but after listening to the session he called her a ‘slut and loose bitch” that he wanted nothing to do with her.  He has realised that her lies were to buy his love back after she dumped him for a married man and later claimed that the married man was harassing her and abusing her, when it was in fact she that was lying her way through life until the sex recordings surfaced. He said that the recordings were quite clear that she consented, she participated, she allowed, she willingly performed, she demanded to ‘eat his penis’ , she climaxed, she stretched her genitals, she opened her anus, she sucked his penis, she swallowed his sperm and commented it was thick and warm, and swallowed him whole till he came in her mouth. Throughout the sex session she was happy and joking and laughing and contrary to her lies that her job was on the line she was a happy and willing participant performing and moaning like a bitch on heat.  Any reasonable person can listen to that and realise that she lied of it being forceful  and other stuff, but he was convinced that she merely lied because she wanted to hoodwink her parents and buy acceptance with her employer but eventually got fired.  He has denounced all ties with her and mentioned that “he is not desperate enough to kiss lips that tasted and swallowed sperm from other men and worse of all after penetration of her anus and straight into her mouth”


It is a mystery of who the man in the recordings are but all are the same person. The mystery kicks in as she was in an affair with 2 married men at the same time and both are co-incidentally sleeping with her, although some recordings are clearly in a car the others of a closed room where she eagerly strips down and engages in sex talk and other……

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