Thora Nang aka Joann Vu – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This dirty hooker fucked up my friends marriage! This nasty D list Porn actress is a prostitute in Philly (from Cali) and had the nerve to move back to Philly after what she did.Heres some of her "work"

Hes gotta thing for Asians and contacted her years ago on one of her hooker ads looking to get kinky. She knew he was married with a baby at home.

Not only did my friends foul husband PAY Joann Vu to fuck but she then carried on  a sugar baby thang and made and "Arrangment" that she stops hooking as Thora Nang, but he has to pay her weekly to keep her around and to keep fucking her. Whore went from D list Porn star wanna be to hourly rate hooker in philadelphia as a dominatrix ho to fucking him during an appointment and he turned her into a "paid companion" that had to quit "her job" but still got paid to get fucked.

Oh yeah he came clean to my friend about eeeeeeeverything after he left her stupid using ass.Including tthe lovely diseases this skank ass bitch picked up during her crap porn career. Oral vag and eye herpes EW!

She cant do anything else but suck dick for $ and become a total failure at being a gold digging whore.And shes got the nerve to come back to the city where she wrecked my friends fam. Avoid this sick little ho. Shes apparently working at a brothel called Destinys Chambers on Vine St in Philadelphia getting fucked. STop in and pay to fuck ker face and telll Joann Vu (Thora Nang , Cherly Lynn Khann whatever she wants to call herself) what trifling trash she is

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