Thomas Tommy Boggs – Cincinnati, Ohio

Tommy has cheated on his wife for nearly 20 years.   He works at Summit Behavioral Health as nurse.  He has crazy porn addiction, and will not allow his wife access to their bills, finances, computer or his cell phone.   He has been sleeping with several women for the past 2 years.   He is married for over drop years,  carried on a committed relationship with a single mother for 6 years all while meeting strangers at hotels and parks for sex.  He maintains several online hook up accounts.  He prefers to not use a condom and "forgets" to bring one.   He can Not "finish" with a partner and just manually take care of himself.   He had a very hard time maintaining an erection.   If you have been with him get tested. 

He is in his mid 40's, so is his wife.   Their teen age son plays baseball for the school.   Not a rule model for a young man!

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