Teresa Faith Carmean – Muskegon, Michigan

My husband and i have reconciled and its been a blessing even though the pain is their often because i knew the women as a family friend for 20 years and when he told me i confronted her. She first lied to me how it was something more then sex a coule times a month for 15 months. Yes bad but she tried convincing me it was some true love relationship and they were running away together. I never really believed that because my husband and i are constantly together unless hes at work. He would see her 30-45 min in a parking lot or cheap kotel she paid for in his dirty work clothes screw her and get home before 5pm he did spend 2 nights over the 15 months with her when he had to go out of town for training and he lied 3 saturdays and said he was working and didnt. My husband is a romantic cards, poem, candles, gifts etc etc she never got crap and she alwys paid and i finally got the truth out of her on everything with my knowledge of him and reverse psychology! My husband dumped her april 13 2016 after he stayed night with her when he was out of town for 1 night for work. It was a monday he went out of town worked all day meet her in motel room and screwed and fell asleep because he and i had a awsome romantic up all weekend thing and he was tired. He apparently knew the next morning hecwas done with her but just gave her hug prob said i love u and she left he went to work called her on way home said he was cl9se to home gotta go prob said he loved her and never talked to her again! Hell if he did love her at least he would have said goodbye Teresa Carmean im gonna give my wife and family another go and im sorry i love u and if wife and i dont make it ill call ya. But nothing! May 25 he comes out tells me wants our marriage wants counciling his so sorry and it was only sex (i beleive him and blame his warPTSD for some  not all) he also admitted to a couple one screw chicks he found off craigslist. I forgive him. We are doing great hes in extensive PTSD therapy etc. My thing is Miss Teresa still pkays shes a victim he loved her etc etc and she thinks he didnt screw other chicks when he was seeing her. Hes just saying that to hurt her!?!?! First of all he refused to talk to her i told her. second why would he do that, lie just to make her feel like she wasn't special ho or what!!! . She stalked my fb entire time he was screwing her which makes me hapy cause she saw us having a good intimate relationship with together even though she wanted him to leave me but i cant see hers

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