Taylor Marie Ault – Palm Springs, California

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Yes here I am posting MYSELF ! Got involved w a man in all actuality he was really a sweetheart to myself and my son I actually wouldnt say anything wrong about him other than the fact that he should've been more honest w me and his wife . He would tell me he was over his wife and the only reason he was still around was because his son. We were frequently dating he would always tell me he loved my feet and that he wanted to buy me toerings for Valentine's day he had got me chocolate a cute card that had a cookie on it and milk and said we go together like milk and cookies lol he also got me some perfume from Brittany Spears. He frequently brought me lunch to work. He would come over and once I spread rose petals all over and candles for him 😍 once we had went to stuft pizza and he got me a beer and we got pizza and stuff and we had my son and he kept telling me how much he loved my son and wanted to be his father and how handsome he was . Then we played the claw machine and won 2 stuffed animals I had told him to to take one to his son and he said "no they are boos (what he had nicknamed my son) " he would always call me a super model. He gave me a new nickname every day from Tay bug, to queen buggy, princess etc . He told me that he was happy he found me cause his mother didn't like his baby mama and that they would love me . So I just need to clarify on here that the true homewrecker of that family is him . I just fell for someone who continued to lie compulsively and finally after I had realized myself that he was full of it an he just wanted to live the best of both worlds I told his wife for myself, which was a complete disaster ! I should have never informed her at all ! And I should've just continued on w my life but I know for a fact he would still be trying to see me tell me he loved me and have sex w me if I didn't and I was just over the lies from him it went on for a year and it was great! Until I realized he isn't really going to leave her ..

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